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HSV Color Picker Dialog


After being unable to find any really good color picker dialogs for Android, I decided to make my own, and this is how it turned out:

The HSVColorPickerDialog

I made the dialog a two-part color picker based on the HSV color model: First you select the hue and saturation parts in a circle, and then finally select the value in a gradient below as seen in the screenshots below. The dialog is available for download in the GitHub repository: HSVColorPickerDialog.java

How to use it

The HSVColorPickerDialog is based on the AlertDialog, and it is really easy to use:

public HSVColorPickerDialog(Context context, int initialColor, final OnColorSelectedListener listener);

public interface OnColorSelectedListener {
     * @param color The color code selected, or null if no color. No color is only
     * possible if {@link HSVColorPickerDialog#setNoColorButton(int) setNoColorButton()}
     * has been called on the dialog before showing it
    public void colorSelected( Integer color );

You call the constructor with a Context, a color that is to be selected as default, and a OnColorSelectedListener that is invoked when the
user has selected a color and pressed OK:


HSVColorPickerDialog cpd = new HSVColorPickerDialog( MainActivity.this, 0xFF4488CC, new OnColorSelectedListener() {
    public void colorSelected(Integer color) {
        // Do something with the selected color
cpd.setTitle( "Pick a color" );

Notice how the callback’s color parameter is an Integer and not an int? That is because the dialog has the option of letting the user select no color, in which case the Integer is null. To allow the user to do this, simply call the following method on the dialog before showing it:

cpd.setNoColorButton( R.string.no_color );

This makes the dialog add a third button in the bottom like this: