This page is a list of tools hosted made by me for Android.

At the moment, there is only one tool here. :-)

  • Android Layout Finder:┬áThe Android Layout Finder helps you create the code that ties your Android UI and Java code together.

9 thoughts on “Tools

  1. Josh Burton

    Android Layout Finder

    Thanks for the great tool. One suggestion that would really help me is to have the option to generate java code for a fragment.
    i.e. mProgressBar = (ProgressBar)getView().findViewById( );
    instead of
    mProgressBar = (ProgressBar)findViewById( );

    Also (and maybe a little more tricky) it would be great to have some options for the variable names. I often name my layout ids something like my_layout but name my variables conforming to java standards, like myLayout. Not a big deal, but would be cool.


    1. Jesper Borgstrup Post author

      Thanks for your comment.

      Your first suggestion is already achieveable: If using the “Member variables” code type, you can enter “getView()” as the custom view root variable in the settings. If using “ViewHolder pattern”, you can simply call “ViewHolder.create( getView() )” from your code.

      As for your suggestion with camel casing the variable names: Great idea! :-) I have just implemented this as default behaviour. It can be disabled be checking the new checkbox labeled “Don’t convert underscores to camelCase”.



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